photecnica vintage camera repair

General Information / Pricing

Service for any brand vintage camera

We service most mechanical 35mm SLR's, rangefinders and medium format cameras.

Service includes:

Flat rate $160 + $20 shipping for most mechanical SLR's and rangefinders
Flat rate $199 + $30 shipping for most medium format cameras

Service for any brand vintage camera lens

We clean and lubricate your shutter and restore smooth operation of the shutter mechanism and aperture blades.

Service includes:

Service does not include major disassembly or parts:

Hourly rate $160 ( 1/2 hour increments )

Even if your camera is not functioning at all - economical repair may still be possible

Konica™ specialist

Konica electric shutter models FS-1, FT-1, FC-1, FP-1

Typical symptoms: Service includes: Flat rate $199 + $20 shipping for most electronic Konica 35mm SLR's.

Konica mechanical shutter models Autoreflex series

Service includes: Flat rate $160 + $20 shipping for most 35mm cameras

How it works:

Additional services:

Hourly rate $160 ( 1/2 hour increments )


All repair services must be fully prepaid. You are purchasing a contract for material and labor to perform the services as described above. This is a basic repair service not a comprehensive overhaul or restoration. Cosmetic repairs such as painting are not included.

Full Refund less shipping:

Flat rate price given assumes that your equipment is complete without physical damage from being dropped, or damaged. Exposure to moisture or battery leakage causing rust, oxidation or corrosion may limit serviceability. Occasionally, mechanical or electronic issues are discovered that make repair more difficult or impossible because replacement parts are not available. Before any repair is attempted, customer will be advised if any such issues are found. If additional repair is needed, a detailed estimate will be provided. If your camera is found to be beyond repair and is not a candidate for this service for any reason, we can either return your camera to you for a refund less shipping – Or you can donate it to us for parts at your option (full refund).

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